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COVID-19 Helplines

* Whatsapp Helpline: 9301989967
* Helpline: 0755-2704201
* HelpLine: 104

Senior Citizen COVID-19 Helplines

* HelpLine: 9406903101
* HelpLine: 9406903102
* HelpLine: 9406903103


* AIIMS Bhopal: 1800-233-1104
* Dr. K. C. Raikawar: 7999926269
* Dr. Rashmi Jain: 9424476989

HelpLine Number Released By Central Government

* HelpLine: 759-22344

* HelpLine: 181

* HelpLine: 755-241180

* HelpLine: 1075


* AIIMS, Bhopal

* Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC)

* JP Hospital

* Chirayu Hospital

* Hamidia Hospital

* L.N. Medical College

* People's Medical College

* Bansal Hospital

* RKDF Medical College

Fever Clinics And Hospitals

* Jai Prakash Hospital (DH)

* Bairagarh (CH)

*Bairsiya (CHC)

* Gandhinagar (CHC)

*Barkhedidev (PHC)

* Nazirabad (PHC)

* Runaha (PHC)

* Gunaga (PHC)

* Tumda (PHC)

* Raatibad (PHC)

* Misrod (PHC)

* Fanda (PHC)

* Saibaba Nagar (UPHC)

* Kotra Sultanabad (UPHC)

* Kokta (UPHC)

* Ishan Nagar (UPHC)

* Kolar (CHC)

* Dhamarra (PHC)

* Ashoka Garden (UPHC)

* Khajurikala (UPHC)

* Govindpura (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Kamla Nagar (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Panchsheel Nagar (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Piplani (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Sevaniya Gond (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Anand Nagar (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Barkheda Pathani (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* 1100 Quarter (Civil Dispensary)

* Professor Colony (Nagrik Aushadhalaya)

* Priyadarshini Nagar (Sanjeevani Clinic)

* Naya Basera (Sanjeevani Clinic)

* Anna Nagar (Sanjeevani Clinic)

Gas Relief Hospital

* Kamla Nehru Hospital

* Master Lal Singh Hospital

* Indira Gandhi Hospital

* Doctor Shakir Ali Khan Hospital

* Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital

* Pulmonary Hospital

Collection Center's

Dr Name: Dr. Manisha Shrivastava
Mobile Number: 7552985114

* Name: J.P. Hospital SCC
Dr Name: Dr. R.K. Tiwari
Mobile Number: 9425021611

* Name: Hamidiya Hospital SCC
Dr Name: Dr. A.K. Shriwastava
Mobile Number: 9131700235

* Name: CH Mandideep SCC
Dr Name: Dr. Vivek Nagar
Mobile Number: 9039488624

* Name: CHC Gandhinagar SCC
Dr Name: Dr. Lalita Parmar
Mobile Number: 8889699544

* Name: Chirayu Hospital SCC
Dr Name: Dr. Mangal Giri
Mobile Number: 9993366621

Treatment Facilities

* BMC(Homeopathy)
Dr. R.P. Patel

* BMC(Unani)
Dr. R.P. Patel

* Bmc(Ayurveda)
Dr. R.P. Patel

* MANIT Bhopal
Dr. R.P. Patel

*AIIMS, Bhopal
Dr. Manisa Shrivastava

* J.P. Hospital
Dr. R.K. Tiwari

* Advance Medical College Quarantine Center Kolar
Dr. R.P. Patel

* GMC, Bhopal DCH
Dr. Arun Shrivastava

*CH Mandideep CCC
Dr. B.S. Mania

* Shramodhya Hostel
Dr. R.P. Patel

* RGPV Bhopal
Dr. UK Dhote

* Mahaveer Ayurveda
Dr. UK Dhote

19 Hotels Built Quarantine Center Bhopal

In Bhopal, the district administration has released a list of 19 hotels built in Quarantine Center. Collector Avinash Lavaniya said that any person in the district can have quarantine in these hotels by contacting the infected and paying as per convenience in close contract or first contract. The district administration has released the list of 19 hotels. Among them, the daily rate of a room ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1200. At the same time, the rate of double room has been fixed from Rs 1500 to 2200 per day. These hotels have a total of 400 rooms. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have also been arranged for the quarantined people here.

Hotel Sandal Wood Kolar Road, Hotel Radhika Palace Sarvadharma, Hotel Jalsa Hoshangabad Road,
Hotel Grand Regency Kolar, Happy Stay Hotel Sarvadharma A Sector, Hotel Radha Madhav Kolar Road,
Hotel Bum Chik Govindpura, Hotel Dynasty Bypass Karaund, Hotel Kamla Bhawan Govindpura,
Hotel Pahal Residency Govindpura, Hotel Rajhans Resort ISBT, Hotel Ganpati MP Nagar Zone 2,
Hotel Reva Residency Zone-1, Hotel Rajhans Regency 271 Zone-2 MP Nagar, Hotel Suraj State Hangar,
Hotel Vishnu Vilas New Market, Hotel Sri Palace Market, Hotel Mid City New Market, Hotel Mid Town New Market

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