• Bhopal_Rocks posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    E-pass required to move out of Bhopal; Grocery-vegetable shops will remain closed.
    * One has to apply on the portal https://mapit.gov.in/covid-19/. An e-pass will be issued on application. No signature will be needed.
    * No home delivery for groceries is currently authorized. Goods available from e-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Amazon can be brought home.
    * This time it is not allowed to sell vegetables in one place in lockdown. The administration will issue passes to those selling vegetables on their carts as per requirement.

    A 10-day lockdown has begun in Bhopal due to the increased infection of Corona. E-pass will not be required to travel from one district to another in the state except Bhopal during this period. Due to
    lockdown in Bhopal, an e-pass has been made mandatory for moving to another district or coming to the city. The clinic is allowed to open in lockdown. Grocery stores will remain closed during lockdown.
    If the grocery is available in e-commerce service, then supply will be done.

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