• Bhopal_Rocks posted an update 8 months ago

    The infected doctor died during treatment; 152 new patients found, 11 prisoners in Corona positive in jail.
    * From today only activities will remain closed in Bhopal on Sunday.
    * The Collector canceled the total lockdown order on Saturday as well.
    A retired radiologist Dr. Mahendra Jain from Corona in Bhopal died while undergoing treatment at AIIMS. He was kept on ventilator for 10 days. Even after much effort, doctors could not save his life. Here, 152 new cases were again revealed in Bhopal on Saturday. Out of these, 11 inmates of the district jail turned out to be positive. Total lockdown rules will be followed only on Sunday in Rajdhani. The Collector, issuing its order, rescinded Saturday’s order of lockdown. Now there will be curfew from 10 am to 5 am.

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