History of Engineering Colleges in Bhopal start from 1960 with MACT (MANIT), then 1986 GEC (RGPV), 1994 with LNCT then Oriental 1995, RKDF then Bansal, TIT, TRUBA, Sagar and many more. Same is the history of ragging in engineering colleges, which was at peak in 90’s and almost vanished by 2008. So if you have passed that minimum 4 years time in Bhopal, face these 10 questions.


#1. How many rules (Funde) designed for engineering students for Ragging

Kya Yaar first question hi Galat


#2. What you add in Name of super senior of 4th year/ final year

Bhai, this is the most basic question if you are a engineer. Lanat hai


#3. Which Bag is used by First year students till the welcome party was not done

Bhai/Behan….Aapne engineering nahi ki hai..


#4. Which Button of shirt should a Fresher should look while walking in Campus

Aap Engineering ke naam per Dhabba hoo


#5. If your senior give you 4 slap during Visit, and ask you " Kitne Pade", your awnser will be

This question need some extra stress on mind, but look you missed it


#6. What is official best way to take revenge especially from your City senior, post ragging session

It Looks you never take revange with your senior after visit


#7. Whats your official relation with girl which is your batch mate .

This is the worst truth for any fresher guy, and you dont except it


#8. What should be the hair style of fresher girls as per the rule during ragging period

It Looks , you have not seen the girls during your first year


#9. Technically how many Mother and Father you have when you are fresher

Its a simple math buddy


#10. If your senior ask "Kaunsi branch mein hai" and you are in CSE. What's your answer

You deserve to be ragged again


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